I tried so hard to be sad today.
Think thoughts that were most profound…

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A tale of ice

A tale of ice. A warm November. Flowers still bloomed,  When the snow came.

Lace of gold

Yesterday morning was one of the early rising days. German class starts at 8 am and I’m NOT a happy early riser. Cold and dark. Hummm whats to like about either??? But frost on the window, before sunrise. Winters can be fun! 🙂

Mountains, mornings and winters

Mountains, mornings and winters seem to be made for each other. Specially after fresh snowfall. The Gerlitzen Alpe is a popular skiing destination and a photographers joy. We went a little crazy. Out with our cameras at all hours of the day and night. Including 4 and 6 am when the sky was clear and the…

A slow warm winter

It seems to be an endless wait for snow in our part of Austria this year. Around me are dry mountains, their trees still holding on to their last brown leaves. Much treasured are small areas around water where there is some frost and ice. A little of winter magic before Spring returns. At Bärenschützklamm, a…


Drifting down slowly
Dancing in every draft
It began it’s journey long ago
In a cloud that was so dark..

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It’s still winter on the mountain tops

And I’m so glad. Spring is coming fast in the valleys below. Soon green will be the predominant colour. But in the starkness of winter there is a clean beauty. A photographer’s dream.

Along a winter’s river

It’s my first winter in Austria. Enjoying the deliciously heated houses. The thrill of see a minus 7 or minus 8 degrees temperature on the weather forecast. Big mugfulls of  heisse Schokolade…. yummm And today an afternoon walk in the snow. Newly fallen, soft yet crunchy underfoot. Melting fast while I hope it’ll stay a few more days. Learning…