It’s still winter on the mountain tops

And I’m so glad. Spring is coming fast in the valleys below. Soon green will be the predominant colour. But in the starkness of winter there is a clean beauty. A photographer’s dream.

Angkor. In wonder

It’s been such a long time since I posted here. Happily it’s also been a time with LOTS of traveling and LOTS & LOTS of photography. Now that things are settled and there is time to review, it’s also time to share. And what better to start with than this rather famous being. A star…

Finding horizons

(see image better on Flickr) Some twenty years ago when I shifted to big-city Delhi from small-town Jaipur one of the things which disoriented me most was not being able to see the horizon. Even if at times I had an access to a roof or a high-rise balcony, houses and roads stretched on and…

An ode to summer

“…for the feelings you choose have touches of golds and green…“ To see these images large visit my photostream on flickr