Up The Rock

While we go for The Ladies The Rock itself is reason enough to visit. Gaze at in awe. Standing tall. Full of interest Climbing up you pass the Mirror Wall Vistas of Mountains Forests stretching afar. At the top is a Fort impressive even today. Though all that remains is a water tank and some walls.

The ladies of Sigiriya

Thousands come every year to meet these ladies floating across a rocky wall. Each wonders  who were they? where did they come from? what purpose their presence for the monks? Or were they more for the kings and warriors  who built a fort right on the top?    

Tales from Lanka

December found us heading to Lanka. A holiday much awaited. Much planned. What we had not planned was Nature. And the storm that broke upon our heads. Caught in the midst of a heavy tropical storm that lasted over a week. Our holiday photographs searched for life and colour amidst the water and grey.