The original hummer :)

Every visit to California with every camera that i’ve had, i’ve tried to photograph this little beauty. This time round I finally managed. Super thrilling!!

A tale of ice

A tale of ice. A warm November. Flowers still bloomed,  When the snow came.


Something about a forest so delicate.
Trees that bend, twist and turn

Something about leaves so dainty.
A canopy forms
but shades like lace…

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For now it is Herbst

I saw the light,
I saw the air,
falling softly in golden bands.

It was a sunset in Herbst
and the sky echoed
the colours of Earth…

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Walk with your head held high

Walk with your head held high because high above, you just might chance upon a Rainbow cloud. Beautiful to spot and photograph, these are extremely high altitude clouds that form in extreme low temperatures.   As always  Wikipedia is the go-to for the explaination. Read the science behind this beauty here


Drifting down slowly
Dancing in every draft
It began it’s journey long ago
In a cloud that was so dark..

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Elephantine adventures

Elephant watching in Lanka is quite amazing.  Amazing because the elephants are just there. On the road, in a roadside pond, walking past a small village… The fascination of seeing them. Being so close to so mighty a creature however remains. As strong for the locals as it is for the tourists. In cars and auto-rickshaws…