Something about a forest so delicate.
Trees that bend, twist and turn

Something about leaves so dainty.
A canopy forms
but shades like lace…

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Candid homesickness

When I feel homesick, I go through my photographs from India and most times it’s the simple spontaneous shots that  evoke the greatest emotion. Like this family waiting to cross the road when my car came to a stop at a crossing. Yes beauty is in the perfectly composed, dramatically lit shot of the perfect Taj Mahal….

The Golden Hour

As we drove through the forests on our very first morning in Ranthambore National Park. It truly was the Golden Hour, loved by photographers across the years. When the light is mellow and everything is cast in warmth. Right by the roadside was this mother and child duo. The baby getting its early morning wash…

Every daughter of India. And every son.

Grappling with the reality of India. I saw the BBC Channel 4 documentary this morning. So many thoughts. Why are women considered property of men? When and why did women allow men to think like that? Why does a man feel it his right to tell a woman what he feels about how she dresses, behaves,…

The current trend in finger painting

I’ve just voted in what, I fear, will be a long remembered Indian election. The hope is the fears regarding the next Indian central government and it’s leader will not come to reality.  

The Charminar, Hyderabad

It’s the stuff of fables. An icon of the exotic east. It’s also chaos. A seeming must have for all old cities. Typical of life that jostles in them. The colours, the sounds and the smells… The fabulously rich Nizams of Hyderabad The Qutub Shahi rulers who built this oddly structured mosque A sunset quietly…

California South Asian Bride

Winter 2011 Feature: Faces of Rajasthan A  premium quality glossy magazine, California South Asian Bride, reaches the high net-worth Indian and South Asian community across the USA. The magazine features life for the community in the USA and glimpses of India. The magazine editors choose to feature three photographs from a recent photo tour of mine…

Vanishing fingerprints

Just read. Many hard-working Indians ( I’m presuming manual labourers specially construction workers and farmers) have such worn-out fingertips that scanners cannot read the identity defining fingerprints! Iris scanning is therefore a part of the Biometric database being collected under the massive Aadhaar project. (in Geo magazine, June 2012 India edition)

Elephant safari in search of a Tiger

Elephant safari in search of a Tiger, a photo by Anuradha Sarup on Flickr. Last week of February was my first proper visit to a Animal Sanctuary. The Jim Corbett National Park is situated right where the mighty Gangetic plains meet the mighty Himalayas. We’d gone with the desire to photograph tigers. The elephants, deer,…