In the best of times

In the world of my memories
India lives on.

Friends and Family,
lived in spaces..

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A tale of ice

A tale of ice. A warm November. Flowers still bloomed,  When the snow came.

Paper Cut

Look out all you paper using writers and artists. The musicians are coming!

An ode to grass

An ode to grass, water, light and reflections…

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Something about a forest so delicate.
Trees that bend, twist and turn

Something about leaves so dainty.
A canopy forms
but shades like lace…

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For now it is Herbst

I saw the light,
I saw the air,
falling softly in golden bands.

It was a sunset in Herbst
and the sky echoed
the colours of Earth…

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Crossroads to the World

(A post from the past that never got published. Which I read and loved so here it is now 🙂 Times Square, New York City is considered the crossroad to the world. It is said, if you stand there for a while you will definitely meet someone you know also passing through. In my small…