A world of Buddhas

Dambulla is a fascinating place.
Cave temples filled with statues and frescoes.

Endless arrays of Buddha in stunning yellow.


Portraits of doners.
Legends and tales.

Vibrant reds and soft blues.
With a touch of green in between.


To enter this space
step inside
in silence.

Step within.

Imagine a world of ancient thought.
The World of Buddha.
The world of monks.

Far away in forests remote.
In these caves known of old.




That’s when you can say
you’ve been to Dambulla.

These ancient caves
in middle Sri Lanka.

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Elephantine adventures

20141223-Eco Park-290

Elephant watching in Lanka is quite amazing.  Amazing because the elephants are just there.

On the road,

in a roadside pond,

walking past a small village…

The fascination of seeing them. Being so close to so mighty a creature however remains.

20141223-Eco Park-38

As strong for the locals as it is for the tourists. In cars and auto-rickshaws people slow down and then come to a stop in their busy journeys. Spend a few minutes gazing in wonder before getting back to their tasks.

For the elephants, this human wonder and adoration is a normal part of life.

20141223-Eco Park-309

Casually a baby left his herd. Crossed the road. Unconcerned of the traffic. Checked out a small temple and the offerings left there. Selected his favourite sweets and fruits. Enjoying his snack.

20141223-Eco Park-388

Then full of the new sugar rush decided to chase our jeep. Heart pounding we sped away a short distance. Realising a minute later he was just having some fun! 😀

20141223-Eco Park-492.jpg

Smaller babies stay close to their mothers. Generally walking between her and another elder female from the herd. Getting a glimpse of these babies and more so a photograph is a measure of the success of the safari.

Up The Rock

While we go for The Ladies
The Rock itself
is reason enough to visit.


Gaze at in awe.
Standing tall. Full of interest


Climbing up you pass the Mirror Wall


Vistas of Mountains
Forests stretching afar.


At the top is a Fort
impressive even today.


Though all that remains is a water tank and some walls.


That awesome moment when your heart melts

At a turtle hatchery in Sri Lanka. As these sea creatures wove their magic on every visitor. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

From eggs, all soft and misshaped.

20150101-Shinigawa Beach-2

To the cutest one-day-old babies that seem to like the warmth of a human hand.
Their soft bellies and flippers.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
and that awesome moment when I got a turtle kiss.


(Ps. be careful before you try this. Some types of turtles bite instead.)

A lot of good work is being done in Sri Lanka on turtle conservation. Changing local fisherfolk customs of eating the turtle eggs. These eggs  are now brought to these hatcheries instead. Providing a home for wounded or handicapped turtles found in fishing nets or on the beach.  And ensuring optimum conditions for baby turtles to hatch and reach the seas. A steady stream of volunteers and donations keeps these hatcheries functional. So do visit one if you get a chance. 🙂

The ladies of Sigiriya

Thousands come every year to meet these ladies
floating across a rocky wall.

Each wonders 
who were they?
where did they come from?
what purpose their presence for the monks?

Or were they more for the kings and warriors 
who built a fort
right on the top?








Tales from Lanka

December found us heading to Lanka.
A holiday much awaited.
Much planned.
What we had not planned was Nature.
And the storm that broke upon our heads.

Caught in the midst of a heavy tropical storm that lasted over a week. Our holiday photographs searched for life and colour amidst the water and grey.