The spiders of Bilbao


If you have a few days free and a wish to travel, go to Bilbao. A pretty city with a lot of attitude in the beautiful Basque Country of Spain.

I’ve always had a fascination for capturing the contemporary with the old in a single frame. Bilbao gives pretty of opportunity.Starting of course, with the crazy organic form of the Guggenheim Museum.

In contrast to a row of traditional brown boxes of buildings it faces across the river, the Eye-catchingly unorthodox Guggenheim building is more talked about then the collections of art it is home to. Outside the building is the Maman. A gigantic spider made of metal. Its form echoing the curves of the building it ornaments.

I found more spiders in Bilbao. These ones hardcore industrial. Their function very, very utilitarian. Used to pick up metal scrap from boat to factory. They sat as if ready to go scurrying forth on their task.

More spiders in Bilbao
More spiders in Bilbao


Bilbao’s history is the history of iron since the discovery of large iron deposits nearby. The prosperity of the town subsequently came from them. And with prosperity comes the desire and time for the finer things in life.
A time for Art.

Fittingly then an icon of artistic Bilbao matches a tool of industrial Bilbao .

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