Paper Cut

Look out all you paper using writers and artists. The musicians are coming!

The present and the past

From a trip into Graz yesterday with only my phone to shoot with. At the Kunsthause, I found this shot. Representative, I think, for the city.

Some warmth and sunshine

In this season of cold and often grey days, I bring you some warmth and sunshine and invite you to visit my new website. While it has been several months in the making and much still needs to be done,  I hope you like what I have there so far. I look forward to your comments and…

Walk with your head held high

Walk with your head held high because high above, you just might chance upon a Rainbow cloud. Beautiful to spot and photograph, these are extremely high altitude clouds that form in extreme low temperatures.   As always  Wikipedia is the go-to for the explaination. Read the science behind this beauty here

Photographers, thou shall not edit!

A Writer writes his story. Then revises it. Going back time and again to re-phase, tighten and tweak. Till finally he is satisfied with the choice of words that best communicate his thought.  Even years later, after it has been printed, read and become well-known,  in a new edition he’s at liberty to tweak or add to his work….

It’s still winter on the mountain tops

And I’m so glad. Spring is coming fast in the valleys below. Soon green will be the predominant colour. But in the starkness of winter there is a clean beauty. A photographer’s dream.

In praise of solitude

Man is a social animal. How many lessons in civics and history have started with that statement. How much I disliked it then. And yet I find it the start of my post today. However I write an opposing point of view. In praise of solitude. It is in solitude that we think. And to…