A call to bravery

Standing on the brink.
What lies ahead unknown.
Looking at the past with questions
The whys and hows, unanswered

A tale of ice

A tale of ice. A warm November. Flowers still bloomed,  When the snow came.

An ode to grass

An ode to grass, water, light and reflections…

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For now it is Herbst

I saw the light,
I saw the air,
falling softly in golden bands.

It was a sunset in Herbst
and the sky echoed
the colours of Earth…

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Crossroads to the World

(A post from the past that never got published. Which I read and loved so here it is now 🙂 Times Square, New York City is considered the crossroad to the world. It is said, if you stand there for a while you will definitely meet someone you know also passing through. In my small…

Perfect happiness

The quiet, rare joy of enjoying the work of an artist previously not known. Hans Robert Pippal In a medium that’s my particular favourite and quite uncommon. Pastel To top it further was the subject depicted. Streets of Vienna from the late 20th century. Vital and vibrant. There is a special fragile quality of paintings…

Candid homesickness

When I feel homesick, I go through my photographs from India and most times it’s the simple spontaneous shots that  evoke the greatest emotion. Like this family waiting to cross the road when my car came to a stop at a crossing. Yes beauty is in the perfectly composed, dramatically lit shot of the perfect Taj Mahal….

What makes a museum?

Earlier this year museum visiting the acclaimed Museum Insel in Berlin, I ducked in at the Alte Nationalgalerie. To browse at leisure through it’s rich collection of  Romantic and Impressionist paintings and sculptures. In the entrance hall, “STOP!!”, commanded a staff member. “All coats MUST be deposited at the cloakroom.” This essential cloakroom turned out to be a…

Some warmth and sunshine

In this season of cold and often grey days, I bring you some warmth and sunshine and invite you to visit my new website. http://www.anuradhasarup.com/ While it has been several months in the making and much still needs to be done,  I hope you like what I have there so far. I look forward to your comments and…

Walk with your head held high

Walk with your head held high because high above, you just might chance upon a Rainbow cloud. Beautiful to spot and photograph, these are extremely high altitude clouds that form in extreme low temperatures.   As always  Wikipedia is the go-to for the explaination. Read the science behind this beauty here