The original hummer :)

Every visit to California with every camera that i’ve had, i’ve tried to photograph this little beauty. This time round I finally managed. Super thrilling!!

The Golden Hour

As we drove through the forests on our very first morning in Ranthambore National Park. It truly was the Golden Hour, loved by photographers across the years. When the light is mellow and everything is cast in warmth. Right by the roadside was this mother and child duo. The baby getting its early morning wash…


Watering the garden in the morning. Watching chameleons come down to drink. Some from pools in the ground. Some the little drops on leaves… One stretched out to enjoy a light refreshing shower while the other two ran the moment the spray came close.

Elephant safari in search of a Tiger

Elephant safari in search of a Tiger, a photo by Anuradha Sarup on Flickr. Last week of February was my first proper visit to a Animal Sanctuary. The Jim Corbett National Park is situated right where the mighty Gangetic plains meet the mighty Himalayas. We’d gone with the desire to photograph tigers. The elephants, deer,…

Birds birds birds

> The last month was excitingly different. A group of us, all interested in photography made two trips to the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary. With it’s easy proximity to Delhi, it was much simpler getting there for a day outing than the more famous Bharatpur. Photographying birds is tough on all counts. 1. They stay away…