Angkor. In wonder

The famous one. @ Ta Prohm

It’s been such a long time since I posted here. Happily it’s also been a time with LOTS of traveling and LOTS & LOTS of photography. Now that things are settled and there is time to review, it’s also time to share.

And what better to start with than this rather famous being. A star from the movie Tomb Raider and perhaps one of the most photographed corners of one of the most photographed corners of the world. If you are thinking all this is a bit over the top you have to visit Angkor for yourself and stand in line to get a chance to photograph this magnificent tree . Behind me was a long line of impatient souls with their cameras ready, just as I had waited impatiently as a group of some 30 odd tourists clicked themselves in all possible combinations.

But then it’s P for photography and P for patience 🙂

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