Knowing me

knowing me




A graphic designer, a photographer and too much of a dreamer. It has been a while now since I got serious about a blog. One that brought together all the various ‘humm’ things that make my life mine.

PHOTOGRAPHY – Light as it plays with colour.

DESIGN – Me as I play with form

TRAVEL – societies and cultures as they play with the basic emotions and ethics that make us all human. Travel in real, armchair or now online. A wondering wanderer of many worlds.

HISTORY-adding centuries of earlier worlds to those here and now. Why limit myself to just one time?

Welcome to ‘my world’


Other outposts where I’m found : Photography       Design        Facebook       Flickr        Linkedin


10 thoughts on “Knowing me

  1. harjinder

    I beleive life is a school.There is something new to learn wherever we may be,wherever we go and wherever we turn.The most important ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people and be there for friends not only in their happiness but also in their hour of need.


  2. Yengkhom Zest

    feel n air lively still… ‘i wanna experience Manipur when I’m in Manipur not anywhere else…i wanna experience where i was’!!!–Anuradha Sarup


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