Crossroads to the World

(A post from the past that never got published. Which I read and loved so here it is now 🙂

Times Square, New York City is considered the crossroad to the world. It is said, if you stand there for a while you will definitely meet someone you know also passing through.

In my small quiet Austrian town in the Alps of Leoben, I found another kind of crossroad. One where you might not meet someone you knew before but you’ll definitely meet kindred spirits, make friends and enjoy a varied repast.

Two years ago my life swung 180 degrees when I found myself living in Austria. From the maddeningly huge Delhi, of which I had been an organic part off, to a foreigner in a quaint little town. Bumbling along, learning the language, coming to terms with the food and wanting strongly to become part of this world, along came my way a local Facebook group. I came in contact with a few people and started making friends.

One of the activities the group promotes is a monthly get-together for foreigners living around the town along with like minded locals. It’s called Çafe International’ and each time a different cuisine is served. Prepared by a group of people belonging to that country or region, living here.

In January the theme was South America and this month it was our turn to present India. To showcase our hospitality, culture and our cuisine. What fun we had planning the menu. The Sunday afternoon meetings to discuss.

Cooking day, with it’s last minute dashes to the grocery stores.

And finally the Cafe itself. A beautiful warm and sunny Saturday. A lovely group of guests. Conversations galore and in the midst of it all, I felt I’d because a part of this town.





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