Being civilised

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A sure indication of the nature of a city is the nature of its downtown. Specially at night. At the center of Vienna is the Stephansplatz. Every elegant strasse of Vienna’s sparkling downtown leads  up to it. Streets and streets full of high-profile fashion brands. Jewellery, fashion, art. There are shops for all. Add to them the glittering coffee-shops, so essentially Viennese.

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At the center of the plaza is a building that is at once a perfect match for this elegance and a contradiction to the busy commerce. The beautiful Stefansdom. Vienna’s huge Cathedral. Beautifully restored, the Cathedral is the heart of Vienna. A symbol of it’s staunchly Catholic past.

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At night as the Cathedral stands beautifully illuminated, its finely decorated exterior and grand interior is a fine symbol of  Viennese culture.  The beauty of all the arts Vienna has been famous for. Be it music, painting or porcelain. A highly evolved symbol of civilisation such as only a city can be.

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