Every daughter of India. And every son.

Grappling with the reality of India. I saw the BBC Channel 4 documentary this morning.

So many thoughts.
Why are women considered property of men? When and why did women allow men to think like that? Why does a man feel it his right to tell a woman what he feels about how she dresses, behaves, speaks … lives. And not just tell but also believe that he has the authority to enforce his opinion.

So much anger.
Such a desire for vengeance. So many targets well deserving of that vengeance.
The culprits. Their lawyers who seem part of the same manner of thinking as the culprits. The dirty look in their eyes and in what and how they spoke. (I question also their mothers, sisters, wives, daughters. Are they okay with this attitude their men have?)

The government of the day and the way it acted then. The government of today which has many in its ranks like the lawyers. Who propagate and encourage this belief of male dominance.  So much so that the government has banned the telecast of the documentary in India while actually it needs to be shown on national television. Many times.

Such a feeling of frustration.

For those who wonder what I’m raging about, or those who just need to see for themselves, the documentary is below


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