Go two times to Werfen



werfen (3).jpgGo one time for the crisp winter. When the air is clear. There is snow on the mountains and a 6 course dinner is perfect for the long evenings.


Go the second time for the sweet summer. When the meadows are green. The ice caves are open and just to be alive is a treat.


We went last Friday for the dinner. At a restaurant called Obauer. It’s counted among the finest in Austria. With 4 chef hats by “Gault Millau”, 5 crowns at the gourmet guide “A la Carte” as well as with 2 stars by “The Michelin Guide”, it’s definitely the finest I’ve ever dined in! 🙂

In summer, some years ago, it had been the famed Ice Caves that had brought us to Werfen. A quick rushed climb on the steep ascent and we had reached just in time for the last tour of the day. You can see some pictures of the ice formations here.



20110726-Eisriesenwelt-96.jpgIn winters the ice caves are closed to visitors. So we spent Saturday morning photographing the mountains, the town and the castle from all angles. The Hohenwerfen Castle seems familiar from its appearance in classic movies Sound of Music and Where Eagles Dare


werfen (2)
Werfen town itself commands a strategic location. Controlling the passage of travelers in medieval times through the narrow valley. Today it is pretty and quaint. A stop for tourists on its own merits and for the many ski slopes in the vicinity.


Perhaps another couple of trips are well-merited!

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