Elephantine adventures

20141223-Eco Park-290

Elephant watching in Lanka is quite amazing.  Amazing because the elephants are just there.

On the road,

in a roadside pond,

walking past a small village…

The fascination of seeing them. Being so close to so mighty a creature however remains.

20141223-Eco Park-38

As strong for the locals as it is for the tourists. In cars and auto-rickshaws people slow down and then come to a stop in their busy journeys. Spend a few minutes gazing in wonder before getting back to their tasks.

For the elephants, this human wonder and adoration is a normal part of life.

20141223-Eco Park-309

Casually a baby left his herd. Crossed the road. Unconcerned of the traffic. Checked out a small temple and the offerings left there. Selected his favourite sweets and fruits. Enjoying his snack.

20141223-Eco Park-388

Then full of the new sugar rush decided to chase our jeep. Heart pounding we sped away a short distance. Realising a minute later he was just having some fun! 😀

20141223-Eco Park-492.jpg

Smaller babies stay close to their mothers. Generally walking between her and another elder female from the herd. Getting a glimpse of these babies and more so a photograph is a measure of the success of the safari.

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