That awesome moment when your heart melts

At a turtle hatchery in Sri Lanka. As these sea creatures wove their magic on every visitor. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

From eggs, all soft and misshaped.

20150101-Shinigawa Beach-2

To the cutest one-day-old babies that seem to like the warmth of a human hand.
Their soft bellies and flippers.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
and that awesome moment when I got a turtle kiss.


(Ps. be careful before you try this. Some types of turtles bite instead.)

A lot of good work is being done in Sri Lanka on turtle conservation. Changing local fisherfolk customs of eating the turtle eggs. These eggs  are now brought to these hatcheries instead. Providing a home for wounded or handicapped turtles found in fishing nets or on the beach.  And ensuring optimum conditions for baby turtles to hatch and reach the seas. A steady stream of volunteers and donations keeps these hatcheries functional. So do visit one if you get a chance. 🙂

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