International Photo-exhibition: Bringing Strasbourg to Udaipur

Last year’s fabulous joint project ‘Seeking the Sacred,Viewpoints-Strasbourg-Udaipur’ found its culmination during the World Living Heritage Festival 2014, when His Excellency Mr François Richier, Ambassador of the French Republic to India, Embassy of France in India inaugurated the photography exhibition in the company of  Shri Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar of Udaipur, Trustee of the Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation. 


Taking the Ambassador through the exhibition, of particular interest to him were images depicting the ‘sacred secular’. Those that evoked a universal spirit of brotherhood and living with peace. He mentioned how with the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Germany and France were putting aside their differences and history. Infact now a German army battalion is even stationed in Strasbourg. Makes me think, that in Europe atleast, the happenings of the last century may indeed be truly events of the past.

H.E. Mr. Bernhard Wrabetz, Ambassador of Austria to India, found many points of interest in the exhibition.

The World Living Heritage Festival, that formed the perfect backdrop for the exhibition, is a joint activity organised by Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation (MMCF) and UNESCO, India. It provides a platform for discussion on various cultural and heritage initiatives across the globe that aim at keeping alive unique identities of cities, regions and countries.

The project ‘Seeking the Sacred,Viewpoints-Strasbourg-Udaipur’ was a collaboration between Mr Albert Huber and myself that was initiated by the office of the Mayor of Strasbourg. It was part of the many exchanges that happened under the Joint Cooperation Programme  through which  Udaipur and Strasbourg are Twin Cities.

Making the exhibition possible were the entire teams at MMCF and The City Palace Museum, Udaipur. As always it’s been a delight working with you!

Jeevan, the master carpenter at work
Preparing for the show
Everything must be just right!
Ready for the inauguration

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