The exhibition in Strasbourg

On May 22nd, 2013, the exhibition “Seeking the Sacred in Strasbourg and Udaipur” opened to a grand crowd at the Librairies Kelber in Strasbourg.  Four major religions of the world: Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam on display on the walls. Striking in their similarities of emotions and just as striking in the diversity of their visuals. The fifth faith, Buddhism found expression in the presence of Monks from Nepal, in Strasbourg to take part in the Sacrées Journées of Strasbourg 2013 of which the exhibition was also a part.

Exhibition inauguration in Strasbourg
Locals and tourists form the audience at the exhibition inauguration.
Mr Albert Huber (center) replies to questions by Mr Jean-Louis Hoffet (right) at the exhibition inauguration in Strasbourg

The media in India and France carried news of the Exhibition. The tie-up between Udaipur and Strasbourg is of interest to many. The story of the exhibition and it’s subject equally interesting.

The exhibition now shifts to the large Saint-Thomas church, the protestant cathedral in the old city of Strasbourg. It will be on display here across July and August before coming to Udaipur, India towards the end of the year.

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