International Photo-exhibition: Seeking the Sacred in Strasbourg and Udaipur

Dear Friends, I have some news…

A selection of my photographs that captured the sacred in the Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities that are predominant in the city are now on exhibition at the Librairie Kléber, Strasbourg. A popular and centrally located venue. Mr Albert Huber a very senior and well-regarded photographer from Strasbourg exhibits with me. His photographs depicting the sacred in Udaipur which he visited concurrent to my stay in Strasbourg. Together our photographs aim to show the human values and strengths that remain constant across different religions, cultures and races.

‘Seeking the Sacred - Photographic Exhibition (Viewpoints - Strasbourg – Udaipur)’
‘Seeking the Sacred – Photographic Exhibition (Viewpoints – Strasbourg – Udaipur)’

The exhibition is part of the festival ‘Sacrées Journées of Strasbourg’. A three-day celebration of sacred music from across the world. It’s programme for 2013 includes 16 performances, devoted to 6 different religions from 10 countries.

It all started in early February when I got a call out of the blue offering me a chance to visit and photograph Strasbourg in France. Needless to say I said YES!!! without a moment’s hesitation 🙂

The invitation was from the City of Strasbourg and the Festiv Musiq Sacrees Monde: Strasbourg. The Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation (MMCF), Udaipur had recommended me to them, and supported me for the assignment, to photograph the ‘Sacred’ in this ancient European city with its richly diverse and multi-religious communities.

Recently a Joint  Co-operation  Programme  (JCP) has been signed  between  Indian  Heritage  Cities  Network Foundation,  UNESCO  India  Office,  New  Delhi; Udaipur  Municipal  Council;  The  City  of   Strasbourg  (Municipalite  de  Strasbourg),  France  and  Maharana  of Mewar  Charitable Foundation (MMCF),  Udaipur  for  three  years 2011-2013  to   strengthen  Udaipur’s  knowledge  base, develop a framework  and undertake activities to  preserve its  heritage and  develop international  collaboration  and partnerships  for   heritage-based  projects  in  Udaipur.

Then followed all the organising, co-ordinating and all the other backroom stuff that makes assignments happen. Also the reading, researching that make photography happen.

port_stras_08.jpgStrasbourg. A very pretty town with lots of churches.

Strasbourg, I found, was an old, very pretty city on the German-France border.  Capital of the Alsace region of France. It’s ancient and medieval history, almost like a chessboard of political maneuvers between the Germans and the French. Though all the turbulent centuries however it not only survived, it became a remarkable town with cross cultural diversity, a very rich blend of multi-religious communities and a tradition for equality. No wonder then that present day Strasbourg is home to the European Parliament and the European Courts of Human Rights.

port_stras_24.jpgThe European Parliament building, Strasbourg

Soon all paperwork done. My camera, tripod and I were on our way to France…

(…continued, The Strasbourg Saga II: A story of the tall and the grand)

For more photographs swing by here

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  1. Karen says:

    Congratulations! 🙂


    1. thanks Karen 🙂


  2. Madhu says:

    Congratulations! So happy for you 😉


  3. Anil Sinha says:

    Congratulations Anuradha. Your photographs that I have seen on your blog are beautiful and you deserve this opportunity. Continue the good work.


    1. thanks Anil. Also to know that you enjoy the photographs 🙂


  4. Anil Sinha says:

    Loved the photography Your sense of colour and contrast is superb


    1. thanks Anil 🙂


  5. Malou says:

    Congratulations! You take wonderful pictures so this opportunity is simply well-deserved. 😉


    1. thank you Malou!


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