Nights out in star light

On cold clear nights we set up our cameras. Pointing them straight up at the majestic milky way and countless constellations.

My first attempt at shooting stars.

The simple task of fixing Tripods was made challenging by the piles of snow. Often a foot or more deep at the best vantage locations. And our tripods unerringly discovered all the ground unevenness well hidden by the snow.

As we thought all was steady, the camera slowly tilted way from the carefully chosen frame…

Exposure time ranged from 18 minutes to 30 minutes. Taking another 15-20 minutes for each shot to get saved on the memory card. I averaged a shot per hour. Also because fully charged batteries died after a couple of exposures. Sometime midway through saving a shot. Laying waste to a half hour of precious work.

Cold or not. Camera tilts or not. It was well worth it. Lessons were learnt and I’m eagerly waiting the next night out with the stars

Photography tips:

  1. Open aperture to the max your lens allows.
  2. Have all your batteries fully charged at start.  Stop shooting well before batteries are full discharged.
  3. Remote shutter trigger is a MUST!
  4. Patiently wait for the camera to finish saving the image data. Turning off the cameras inbuilt image processing features will reduce saving time but increase noise making the final image unusable.
  5. In cold weather have a warm, covered place to wait out time between shots.
  6. Some schnapps and munchies help 😀

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