India you make me ‘unproud’

Ridiculous Google and Facebook censorship, Rushdie’s travel plans….

India is a case of non-issue umbrage these days. The current definition of ‘Indian democracy’ seems to be, letting the lowest and worse denominators decide what the rest will think, read and write.

Just how weak is this faith? That another’s point of view can threaten it so much.

I believe, if belief is strong you’ll find critics irrelevant or ridiculous. Their posturing a matter to be shrugged off.

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  1. Anil says:

    It is to be expected in any democracy, that the politician would play to the fear and the angst of the about to be disenfranchised most. i.e the literate but uneducated middle-class. From US to UK. From India to Isreal a systematic assault on the bedrock of greek notion of democracy is being questioned.

    Welcome to technology – The great enabler and also the great destroyer.


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