Wait on zindagi

Friends update their facebook status and tweet.

Their photography work gets posted promptly on flickr and everywhere else
Blogs get added to, modified and shifted
Even where they are, who with, doing what gets into an online public announcement

My intentions are lofty when I start. An account dutifully made on each new media as it comes into vogue. I will blog at least once a week. Flickr will be kept up to date. Facebook will reflect the changing dynamics of my life….

But then somewhere in the intensity of living, the experience of each moment is so strong that to later talk about it, revisit it, by narrating or documenting, seems to distract from the experience of now. Like putting a comma in the flow of life.

Wait on zindagi while I log, blog, facebook and tweet what you did to me a moment ago …


Waterfalls of Krimml





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