They who ask for my vote

Municipal elections in Gurgaon on May 15th.

No where else have these ‘grass root’ elections been of such relevance. The city’s infrastructure woes can be heard across media through the year . In the monsoons when all roads become mini lakes and swamps. In winters when electricity plays truant often for over 8-10 hours a day. In the summers with its electricity and water scarcity.

And through the year the lack of public transport systems keeps people in their cars or in their homes.

In the run up to the elections as political parties  send out their teams to announce candidates, roads dug up for the last 3 years have suddenly been repaired. Electricity and water supply is regular.

The party that values my vote has already visited my home. Offering all help on voting day if I have a problem with the voting lists. The party’s stated ideology is contradictory to mine. But the party I grew up being loyal too is too arrogant these days to care, presuming on my support by ‘secular’ right, and too weak in its highest authorities to impress…

So no more ivory tower assumptions of victory. This time my vote goes to the party who values me enough to politely visit asking for it.

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