The joys of a custom built Calendar

Across northern India each season is harsh and extreme.
Summers are hot and long. Monsoons sultry and very wet. While winters (my choice for worst time of the year) are bone chilling cold. Its pretty much a fight to somehow see through each phase of the year.

The majestic Surya at the City Palace, Udaipur

(The majestic Surya at the City Palace, Udaipur)

Luckily we have the Hindu Solar calendar for solace.
It’s like having a custom-built coat. Snug where it should fit, yet loose and comfortable when u reach your arm out. The Hindu Calendar, created centuries ago, fits the changing north Indian weather as beautifully.

Yesterday was grey and cold. A miserable dark day in a string of many  dark grey day. Yet in the evening people sat out around bon-fires. Celebrating Lohri. The end of winter.

The end of winter? No way! Specially when today dawned really foggy.

Then the change came by noon. It had too. Because today was Makar Shankranti, the day the sun moves into Capricorn. The winter grey had to go. And it went. Leaving us a beautiful  sun lit afternoon.

🙂 Warmth and light returns.
Happy Lohri People! Happy Makar Shankranti!!

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