Dilli mein Hauz Khas (Hauz Khas in Delhi)

winter on the pond

In the heart of what is now a upmarket residential colony and art boutiques is a large park with forests, rose gardens, a deer park and some medieval ruins. ‘Hauz Khas’ or the special water reservoir.
In the dark winter evening, the water tank with it’s fallen trees and ducks looked far away from anything urban…

winter on the pond

For me, this is one of the reasons why I love Delhi. It’s many layers of history, present and different destinies for the future.

This water tank is one which inspires hope. As the residential colony and markets grew, the inlets to the reservoir were blocked and the lake dried up. Then in 2004 as the cities water levels sank alarmingly plans were made to revive the lost water storage systems. The Hauz (reservoir)came alive again, storm water generated at the southern ridge of Delhi behind an embankment was diverted into the lake. Other water sources were developed.

Hauz Khas … Khas (special)also for the hope there will be other projects like this successfully implemented.

More about Hauz Khas on Wikipedia

Photography details: Carry a tripod and a torch. Tripod to hold the camera steady in low light. Torch to stay steady on your course as there are steps to climb along the way.

winter on the pond

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  1. amrita says:

    these pics are lovely…! I think i am in love with hauz khaas…! 😛


    1. thanks Amrita 🙂 Hauz Khas is well worth an explore


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