7 days in Ladakh: Tso Moriri

Very isolated. Very basic, Very beautiful.

That’s Tso Moriri.

If nomads call any place home, for Ladakhi nomads it would be the wild open spaces around this lake. We got there at September end, when the wild grass was already golden. Large herds of sheep, goats, yaks and horses quickly munching away as much as they can before the snows come down.

(a pretty lake along the way shunned by locals for it’s ‘rotten water’)

Getting to the lake is not a problem. A pleasant drive from Leh on a very pretty almost empty road along the Indus, that is till the last 20 kilometers. When the ‘road’ is tyre marks from the previous vehicle across open grasslands or stones.

(Golden Marmots are easy to spot right on the roadside)

Accomodation is however extremely basic. Our original booking almost made us head back to Leh immediately. Luckily we managed to get two cottages at a newly opened tent and cottage setup instead.

(Livestock has right of way pretty much all the time

As the sun disappeared behind the western mountains, the cold winds made being outdoors almost impossible. Sunset photography was through the windscreen of our Qualis.

Don’t know what it was that made the sky alight in rosy bands. That too behind the eastern mountains.

🙂 Very strange. Very un-understandable. Very stunning
That’s Tso Moriri.

Photography tip: Select a comfortable spot where you can wait however long it takes to get your shots. If with non-photographer companions carry snacks and drinks to keep them happy as you wait!

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    1. Thanks! Ladakh is such a spectacular place.


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