Freedom and an activity called democracy


Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi

62 years since independence. 62 years of a democracy.
Has there every been a democracy like this ever before in the history of humans? Seeking to find a common denominator across people so diverse? In this diversity we are best compared to the European Union, however in voting numbers the Indian electorate is more than double, in other resources maybe half.

It’s easy to find fault with just about everything Indian. The politicians, the bureaucracy, the rich and their attitudes, the middle classes and their attitudes and even the poor and their attitudes!

In all this whining and moaning however we know for sure our democracy has succeeded. Unlike other countries who gained sovereignty at around the same time as us, we take for granted an apolitical military, an election commission that has held 15 general elections and a political system that has not denied this right to be tested by the people.

When China or Pakistan plots to divide us by creating dissent, perhaps it does not realise that it’s this right to dissent that we hold dear. It is this freedom to voice our views at any gathering that is the true unity that ties India together.

Long live freedom and many voices voicing out their many views.
Happy Independence Day. 🙂

Photography tip: Late evenings make for interesting ‘night’ photographs when the sky has some colour but the lights are on as well.

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