Lake Palace floats again


Lake Palace, Udaipur this morning

The summer was long this year. Lake Pichola, the soul of Udaipur city rapidly lost water.

Normal everyday life continued. Births and marriages, exams and business deals. Marble was quarried, cut and carved. Puppets were made, fabric embroidered.

But there was little water in the lake and that reflected in the eyes of every local. Rare is a city so united. So in tune with it’s environs.

Then on Hariyali Amavasya, (the moonless night of the Shravan month), which marks the beginning of the monsoons, it rained!
Water flowed down the mountains through the rivers and poured into the lake. A collective sigh sounded across the city.

All boats headed towards Jagmandir, a palace on the Lake Pichola, Udaipur this morning

Pichola fills, Jagmandir and Lake Palace float again. The western windows of the City Palace offer their timeless views of blue waters and green mountains

God’s in his heaven and water’s in the lake.

Lake Palace and the City Palace complex, from Jagmandir

Visit Udaipur, the world’s top destination, this year for your personal moments of bliss.

Photography tip: Sometimes the light quality is bad but if the shot tells a story, it’s well worth clicking anyway.

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  1. >beautiful and so very poetic…I will be in India later this year into 2010, for Delhi, Jaipur, Agra maybe Varanasi then into Nepal and back to tour Himal Pradesh and hopefully Jammu~KashmirI am glad to have found you


  2. 101moments says:

    >Glad you found it of interest Tammy. Udaipur is a lovely place. Do try and visit it if your can manage some time out on your India schedule. The artist in you will love it.


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