The journey

>Finally the rains came down in Delhi in the afternoon. After we had all joked about the accuracy of met office rain predictions and the clear skies since morning.

Arrived at the swanky new Delhi airport much earlier then normal. Was keeping additional time since I’d been warned, chaos now rules there like never before. I found it to be quite organised, though still way too small for the years to come.

Then just as my flight was announced the rain too started. In a solid downpour that somehow reached the boarding gates ensuring no one left the building without getting wet.

What use swankiness when it cant even ensure safe, dry and easy transit of passengers from the building to the plane? My luggage too got wet. (It hangs to dry in my room now)

Once in the plane, as we lift off, the small ATR struggled bravely to fly out above the cloud cover. In places where there were gaps in the clouds, the green landscape below seemed like some magic land from a fairy tale.

Finally we were through. Flying above grey clouds under a blue sky.
Took some interesting lessons in photographing the propellers at slow speeds. And so all the way to Udaipur. Well taken care of by the Jet Airlines staff.

At Udaipur the recently installed statue of Maharana Pratap.

Now tomorrow is a working day

Photography tip: Slow shutter speeds are great for fast moving objects.

Best Buy Souvenir: The 101 Moments CD Udaipur, a city unforgettable containing interactive tours of this beautiful land. The CD is available online and through select bookstores.

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