Hello Nano


In true bollywood style, but is she a hero or a villain?

From the January 2008 prototype to the big launch yesterday. The Nano story is truely ‘filmy’.

At the AutoExpo 2008, she was the darling of the crowds. Later in the year she achieved even greater histrionics. With two waring political parties fighting over her. Much like an arranged marriage proposal. The great Bengal bhadralok family first accepted the match, then when evil scheming auntie made a scene, cast her aside.

Finally little Nano went on to earn a fallen hero position for her fond daddy, the company chairman, when he endorsed the villainous Gujarat chief minister.

From start, the debate has been on the environmental / urban planning /traffic safety impact. Now with her entry into the ‘real world’. Where potholes will count, flyovers will challenge, the arguments will hot up, as her effect is seen on the roads.

Finally it’s the aam janta, the Indian public that will decide her box office fate.

Photography: at Auto Expo 2008, New Delhi

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  1. Apurba says:

    >Great write up.As I am seeing – the nano buzz is here to stay.The site couldn't handle mammoth load & was unavailable for sometime.Tata's again proved – its people's car! Even if you dont get your delivery in next few months ,you can park the booking amount with them & earn ~ 8% interest.Absolute win-win for both.


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