Birds birds birds


The last month was excitingly different. A group of us, all interested in photography made two trips to the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary. With it’s easy proximity to Delhi, it was much simpler getting there for a day outing than the more famous Bharatpur.

Photographying birds is tough on all counts.
1. They stay away
2. Move fast and randomly
3. Most of their activities happen at times when the light is poor

To add to this, in Sultanpur unfortunately the walkways were not well planned for photography. The birds were always between us and the sun.
My 300mm zoom was made to work hard yet most times all I got was a blur.

Photography lessons learn’t: Set the shutter speed to 1/1000 sec or more. apperture closed as much as possible at that speed. Focus manually to infinity then track the birds as they move and shoot. Hopefully the large DOF will ensure the birds in focus and the high shutter speed will prevent blurring.
Problem with this was that the ISO had to be maxed up .. and that made the images grainy

Some other solution had to be found…

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  1. Apurba says:

    >nice tips.I am looking fwd for more


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