And the singer sang his merry song


The annual Suraj Kund Crafts Mela

Yesterday we went to the annual Suraj Kund Crafts Mela. Mum, my sister and I. We thought we were being smart bunking on a Monday afternoon. If we were, the crowds must have been phenomenal over the weekend!

When I took out my camera after a few minutes, I was deserted by my loving parent and sibling. (Photographers are not fun company. 🙂 ) Which left me free to crawl my way right to the front through the crowds around this merry gentleman and his pretty crazy group of performers.


The drum he used was simple. A flat wooden bowl, even cracked almost across. His fingers had these big joints, knobbled by the intensity of the force he beats the drum with.


His eyes blazed an amazing shine. Well matched to his ultra bright costume and strong rhythmic music.


Photography tip: In crowds, a shallow dof will isolate your subject and blur out distracting backgrounds.

For more about the Suraj Kund mela Read up here


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