Lunar musings

>Now that the monsoons are over and the skies washed clean each moonrise is rather special. Specially a full moon.

This pretty pink moon was shyly tip toeing between the clouds, well aware that she was being photographed from my window 🙂

And as I read up on the moon I came across an interesting site that even gave tips on how to tend to your garden based on lunar phases ….Sow when new, transplant when full.
Something to do with how sap rises and water levels

A lot of festivals in India are based on the lunar calendar. It cuts across faiths… Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh… Muslim.

I wonder what it would have been like if the earth too had many moons. Would our loyalties be divided?
This is the Hindu Moon … follow it’s path.
This is our Muslim moon… all you faithful keep track of it’s phases!

….how rather sad that sounds

Photography tip: Keep the aperture wide open, then experiment with shutter speeds. Expose well below the reading your camera gives to get the details on the moon.
Do I need to say you’ll need a tripod or some other support?

Intrigued by Lunar gardens? Read up here

2 Comments Add yours

  1. >oooh, the tripod is ESSENTIAL.And i don’t own one:sob:


  2. 101moments says:

    >Unfortunately neither do I at present. My last one disintegrated in just 3 months!! parts literally falling off it lol


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