An ageless recipe

When things are really tough.. the tough get going.
And when this young man got going he reached a busy crossroad… literally

On a traffic light on the edge of Delhi he found an opportunity to establish a business. As cars stopped for the signal, he offered the travellers some of the latest bestsellers. A varied selection of topics and tastes, attractively displayed on his outstretched arms to show each product he had on offer clearly and boldly.

Can he read what he sells? .. No. Though he does know how to keep his accounts in hindi.

And he knows businessmen lounging on the back seat of their Lexus might be interested in the John Grishim. they don’t need the self-help books. Self-help books are more for the young man in a beaten up Mariti Alto or Santro.
And for the ladies in their Santros and Swifts, Sun-Signs are an eternal favourite.

He has 2 minutes to make his sale before the traffic light changes and the other side of the road is not his territory. But if you’re really interested he’ll race along with your car to the opposite side to complete his sale.

He earns 10-15 rupees for each book he sells and sells about 20 on a good day.

The books are cheap pirated copies, an equally non-english speaking man will supply him late in the evening. Inventory maintained is minimum. Accounts all purely memory and word of mouth.

In a world of intellectual copyright he’s a criminal.
In the harsh world of ‘living’ .. maybe not
And his hard work in the baking sun… an ageless recipe for success

One Comment Add yours

  1. Apurba says:

    >wow! beautiful post.Such booksellers are very common even on mumbai streets!


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