A shrine in every view

The Chortens of Ladakh

Small stupas housing holy relics either of the Buddha himself or a learned monk., Chortens are predominantly a feature of Tibetan Buddhism. In Ladakh you can see them scattered all over the countryside. Often with people happily living in houses that share a common wall with a chorten.

(An imposing example at the Changla Pass. Still venerated)

Shapes and sizes of Chortens varies from a humble four-brick structure simply whitewashed, (or not even that), to large imposing ones with multicoloured decorations embossed on them and golden spires.

(Chortens field near Shey Gompa)

A short distance from Leh, near the monastery at Shey is what might be the largest collection of Chortens in one place. Literally hundreds of them spread across a large otherwise barren ground. These are very old constructions, many just crumbling mounds of mud.

Photography tip:Reach here late in the afternoon to get them looking their best as the sunlight turns golden before evening falls.

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