Waiting for Polo


Chandani (Moonlight) graces the stables at the Shikarbadi Stables in Udaipur. Part of the Polo team, she waits the long summer out till it’s winter again. That’s when the Polo season is on in North/Western India and she can run with the others in an exciting match.

Polo came to India with the Mughals but got it’s real form and popularity from the British Tea Planters. Then Indian royals with their passion for horses and champion horsemanship took it up speedily from there.
After Independence the Indian Army, specially the 61st Cavalry, continued the Polo tradition, keeping the game alive through periods when the royal families were in a decline and could not afford the expensive sport.

Today the Polo season spans from September to April. The teams belong to the Army, corporate houses, erstwhile royal families and also individuals with a passion for the sport.

Photography tip: Give the animals time to get used to your presence before you start clicking.

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