A tale of ice

A tale of ice. A warm November. Flowers still bloomed,  When the snow came.

Paper Cut

Look out all you paper using writers and artists. The musicians are coming!


Something about a forest so delicate.
Trees that bend, twist and turn

Something about leaves so dainty.
A canopy forms
but shades like lace.

For now it is Herbst

I saw the light, I saw the air, falling softly in golden bands. It was a sunset in Herbst and the sky echoed the colours of Earth. Each leaf had turned into a work of art Each tree, a symphony or were they a song? What notes will they play, as winter draws closer? Will…

Crossroads to the World

(A post from the past that never got published. Which I read and loved so here it is now 🙂 Times Square, New York City is considered the crossroad to the world. It is said, if you stand there for a while you will definitely meet someone you know also passing through. In my small…